I don’t know


I don’t know what you want me to say? Do you want me to admit that I want more from you than just your physicality. That characteristics of your being stimulate me much more than I ever anticipated? That you remind me of my first love but a more refined version of said love? That you frustrate me in ways I never thought possible and that intrigues me greatly? Or how about the fact that I am in an infatuated love affair with your mind, the enigma that is the way you think creates a longing inside of me that causes my heart to palpitate. I don’t know what you want me to say.


Mr Ripper


Tempting…The lips of lust the colour of a pale rose

Eyes that seeped into ones soul and devoured the mind with devious thoughts

A roar of emotions and desire neither of them decent

The youth of her skin softly fades to a icy blue

He looked on at his master piece and smiled

Death illuminated her beauty and her soul had been purged

Her God given innocence was once again restored.

His angel whispered sweetly, ‘Well done Jack’ 

Face paint


A cascade of thoughts and rivers of solemn memories erode the deepest crevices of my mind

All they see is forged smiles, curled lips a fallacy of the emotions I fear to show

Uncertainty devours my heart as this beautiful lie is constantly being told.

Although my blood red and so it flows true and pure

My ideologies scattered and untamed the beauty in its deception

There is shall lay, my tormented soul…