At the end


A shard of light refracted so elegantly, causing a rainbow to engulf my senses the intensity of the subtle separation of the colours that shone; its almost angelic I thought, no certainly angelic for the image that overcomes me is undoubtedly unearthly and what if it is? Well alas heaven surely be a place on earth? Oh the irony, not ironic but one must certainly appreciate the irony. For the thought of finding beauty in the place my body has come to lay is surely a symbolic double entendre. Oh how the mind creates the most beautiful of art through the simplest things. The lights begins to flicker. My Damascus experience is ending the allure that surrounds me slowly fades to a painful reality. The colours of rainbow dissolve into a desolate darkness. A could chill over whelms me, the taste of iron in my mouth is inviting but a displeasing confirmation of the bleeding. My shining light is but simple shard of glass before me, my body weak and my life force seeps away painting the grey pavement a scarlet letter.


My Black Dog


My black dog returned about a month or so ago. I got home to find him sitting outside my doorstep begging to be let in. I ignored him, the pesky little thing I thought. I hoped if I ignored him long enough he’d just take the hint and go back to wherever it was he came from. I really should have known better. Every day I woke up and could here his little whimpers outside my door. Every night I was kept awake till the early hours by his cries and gentle howls. I though If I ignored him long enough he’d just shut up and leave me alone. One night his cries got too much, I opened the door he jumped right on to my shoulder his eyes dark yet welcoming he was glad to be home. The days that followed we got close again, reminiscing on ¬†past memories. He reminded me how much I despised him but we are all each other has. He reminds me of this daily. We laugh at train stations and how easy it would be for us to find closure on the on coming train…. He also enjoys the medicine cabinet we’ve had many a laughs at the cocktails we’ve had. He laughs at the irony of my ‘veni vidi vici’ tattoo as only he knows what lays beneath. Oh what a bond we have, me and my black dog.¬†