Bio: A complex minded red blooded female soon to not be teenager going through an existential crisis. Yep I reckon that's a pretty accurate summary. If that's all you need to make a critical judgement on my life then so be it however if you require more detail do read on. My url pretty much describes my current state of mind. I'm sick an tired and this shall be a vessel for my many rants about my daily trials and tribulations. I was born in Ghana but raised in England. I've lived and studied in both places for relevant amounts of time more in in England than not however. I've experienced very different cultures and this is a testament of the walking paradox that is my being. I have strong views, some may offend whilst some may pull at your heart strings and cause that weird prickly feeling in your eyes. The views on here are all mine I do not represent an other entity but myself. If you're one of those people that frown upon curse words then I apologise before hand as I fucking swear so fucking much its abso-fucking-loutley insane and so is the fucking lack of fucks I give about your fucking opinion on my fucking swearing. My racial views will be strongly addressed on this blog. Many will be offended don't say you haven't been warned. Is anyone even going to ever read this? Oh well.

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