Body Confidence Crisis


I think I’m getting an unhealthy obsession with the way I look. I know most people go through the same and its expected as human beings for us to be constantly critical of our bodies. However at what point is it a crisis when do lines get crossed from the expected insecurities to an actual obsession with the way one looks. I’m not sure which stage I am at. I mean I find my self constantly dwelling on the faults that I find on my body. I actually have considered every means possible to correct them and various internet searches later I find myself in a pit of depression eating away my sorrows then progressing to a state of self loathing which just carry’s on in this viscous cycle. Most people say one should just go to the gym and get active to work off the problem areas. Its great for people who are able to do that. I personally feel as though it would be an admittance of my insecurities almost like wearing them on my forehead and that frightens the hell out of me. Also I honestly feel like I’d be the fat kid in gym class getting pointed at and laughed at, worst of all the one who is whispered about. I don’t find myself attractive at all, so much so that any advances from males feels like some sort of sick joke. Like I’m the subject of some sort of elaborate prank by the whole male species. Its very frustrating because I am a confident person and I very rarely let others if ever see the humongous closet of self doubt and insecurities. I find myself self dwelling on every negative thing that’s ever been said about the way I look a passing comment or maybe harmful joke starts to eat at me I start to over analyze everything and it just breaks me down. I had a conversation with a male friend which pointed out some big character defects which are a product of said insecurities and lack of self worth. One being my settling for males who aren’t necessarily good for me and putting up with pointless and sometimes abusive relationships. I never let anyone question my intelligence or try use that as a means to bring me down, I wish I could project this confidence in my personality and translate it to a confidence in the way I look.


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