Everyday Racism


So recently I was on one of those political forums where a you just generally rant about your political views. I think everyone knows how much I love to rant and about politics so this was pretty much the perfect medium for me to do so. I for the most part enjoyed the various discussion about the current state of the government, communist, socialism, anarchism. Basically the kinda conversation that I’ve been striving to have in my everyday life. After a very interesting discussion about Education with a 37 year old Teacher we decided to do the whole putting a face to the argument thing with a quick picture swap. (Just faces nothing dodgy) His response to what I looked like really fucking offended me. After receiving my picture he said and I quote ‘AHAHAH wow you’re black’ didn’t expect that’. He didn’t expect that? I asked him ‘What is that meant to mean’ he replied ‘I just didn’t expect you to be black, I didn’t even know you guys cared’   so my intelligence was all of a sudden surprising because of my race? Out of everything that he could have been surprised about (my age was the more expected shock) he choose my race?  I mean this was a teacher some one whose career is built upon the education of the future of this country and his ignorance of something as important as race was absolutely  disgraceful. And ‘i didn’t think you guys cared’ So what me being black automatically means  I don’t give a damn about education, democracy, politics and generally issues which have a direct affect on my existence? All i’m saying is think before you open your goddamn mouth and completely insult a race based on your ignorance.


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