Hello, I’m new.


So I’ve sat here for about 5 minutes thinking of the perfect way to start this….. A clear indication of my obvious commitment issues.  Probably not best to start with a blatant admission of one of my insecurities but hey ho I’m going to try and be as candid as I possibly can. That is; if I think it I shall type it .(clearly haven’t thought this through)

I’m Khadeejah, 19, Black, Feminist, Socio-Anarchist. Doctor Who Enthusiasts and all round mess of  human being (I did say i’d be candid). I’m currently studying Education studies (wait for it it gets better) at the Institute of Education. (ba dum cha)

I need a vessel for which I can write about my life and have it criticised and empathised with by random strangers. I mean that’s what this internet thingy is for right?


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